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De redactie van Ongehoord houdt zich bezig met het beoordelen en herzien van ingestuurde stukken en het schrijven van nieuwe content. Daarnaast werken kleinere teams aan een specifieke focus: het tijdschrift, de evenementen en de website.

Esmee Woltring

Hi, my name is Esmee and this year, I am in charge of the Ongehoord committee. I am in my third year of the English Language and Culture programme, with a special interest in sociolinguistics. I am also currently pursuing a minor in conflict studies, where I am especially interested in discourse analysis. In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing, which makes Ongehoord an especially interesting place for me. I am very excited to be able to help the committee progress and change this year, especially because we have an almost completely new editorial board, with so many new faces!

Monice Tobi


Hi! My name is Monice, nice to meet you! I’m in my third year of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a major in psychology but an everlasting love for the humanities. I adore writing academically and creatively. I’ve been doing the latter for most of my life. Ongehoord allows me to discuss this hobby of mine every week, with a cup of coffee and great company!

Second year student of Literary Studies. I’m particularly fond of New Journalism, the Middle-Earth, classic Samurai cinema and YouTube cryptid documentaries. 

Kaitlyn Hoogenboom

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn and I'm a Literary Studies student in her second year. I'm particularly interested in celtic myth and its influence in contemporary fiction. Beside literature, I'm also into visual art and painting

Alma Hunnik

Hello! I’m Alma, a fourth year Liberal Arts and Sciences student specialized in Gender Studies, media studies and intersectionality. In my free time I like to read Young Adult books and create immersive stories with my friends through tabletop games. I critically engage with all the media I consume, may that be cartoons, academic writing or podcasts. 

Hey! I’m Koen de Boer, a third year Philosophy and second year honours student. Born and raised in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. In my free time I mainly like to hang out with friends and play basketball. My reason for joining Ongehoord was because I wanted to be an active part of the honours community and I find it interesting to see what other honours students are writing about and I wanted to be a part of helping them share this.

Koen de Boer

I am a second year English Language and Culture student from Russia. I am passionate about philology, Modernist literature, Art History and European cinema of the 20th century. In my spare time I write novels and short stories.

Sabrina Botasheva

Jacob Dutkiewicz

Flora Lehman


Hello, all! I am a German American student who specializes in World Literature with a minor in Postcolonial Theory. I am especially interested in Native American Studies and Indigenous Knowledge.

Lauren van der Spuy

PR Manager

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am an Italian-South African from Cape Town. I am a second year Literary Studies student who specialises in Literature in Conflict. I have a love for poetry and beautifully written texts. I enjoy history, journalism and art. As PR Manager I am in charge of promoting the journal, contacting writers and the social media accounts.  I am honoured to be a part of the Ongehoord Journal. 

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