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The Promise of El Dorado


Door Theodoor de Bakker, David ten Cate, Jasmijn ter Haar, Angèle Jaspers, Irina Morozova, Walker Swindel, Anne Visser, Dominique de Wilde

The page El Dorado contains an overview of literature reviews regarding El Dorado which form the theoretical framework of the research. These reviews will provide information on the myth of El Dorado and its role. Also, a map containing several marks can be found. This map allows you to follow a journey through the utopian space of El Dorado. This audial journey constructed by podcasts is represented by Walker Swindel, Irina Morozova, Theordoor de Bakker and Dominique de Wilde.

The page Instagram contains literature reviews regarding Instagram, which serve as a theoretical framework for the created zine. In the zine, you can follow the main character Dora Dole on her journey to Instagram fame. The zine is created by David ten Cate, Jasmijn ter Haar, Angèle Jaspers and Anne Visser.

On the forum you are able to add to the discussion on utopias and narrative spaces from your own perspective. Let this website inspire you and help you form your own personal opinion.


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